Monday, May 16, 2011

Toronto to Japan to Bangkok

At the airport with time on my side so thought I would make my first entry. I really like keeping a journal so I thought this would be an easy way to document what I'm up to, how I feel about things then look back at it and see how things have changed. So basically I will write this as I'm just writing it to myself.

Had a great last weekend in Toronto. Rehearsal dinner Thursday night was great. Good fun, fun stories, wore a big deal. Went and had drinks after, met people from South Africa, no rain which would not become a trend for the next few days. Told people about Thailand trip and everyone loves it. Either have been there or know people that have been and had an amazing time. Nobody has really told me I have made a huge mistake so that has helped. I just need to keep in mind  things are going to go wrong but I just need to embrace it, not get too rattled and stay positive. Had breakfast Friday morning, got my haircut,  took a nap. Slightly hungover. Went out Friday night with guys from school. Wedding Saturday was crazy fun. Emotional rollercoaster. Definitly didn't cry great, drinks free, knew a lot of people. Had fun taking pictures and got my dance on at the end of the night. After party till 6ish. Sunday was a little less fun, with getting lost a few times but brunch was a good time. Packed my bag, life getting smaller and smaller in terms of bags. Not that nervous, maybe a 2 out of 10. I just feel like there is a lot to happen in terms of aiports and flights. My life was very boring before so having some excitement I am really trying to embrace. Love the idea of not working for a few weeks. Love the idea of being somewhere hot, missing a winter and just embracing a new culture and way of life. Krista  is coming to visit me at the airport now so I will update this in Tokyo airport. Feeling good.

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