Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scuba Steve

Finished open water today so I can scuba dive anywhere up to 18 metres but apparently the best diving is under 30-40 and that cost more money...how convenient...so seeing how I'm trying to keep my bhat account up I will be passing but it is fun. By far the worst in the group of 6 to start, had a mild freakout during our second dive. The first dive was fun but my ears were poped and wouldn't pop back so that hurt so I'm trying not to be in pain and still remembering to breath and the instructor is motioning me to stay parallel to the ground..listen buddy, I can barely breath and I don't have too much interest in you sideways hand right now. So for the second dive, 30ish something minutes we started to go down and I just felt like I might die down therer and couldnt deal with another 30-40 min dive so 10 sec in I had to come back up. The guy was good about it and talked me into it but i was definitly leaning towards going back to the boat, thought I would eventually regret it but definity glad it happened. The next days 2 dives were way better, saw cool fish and coral. Obviously hot here again today. Diving is done so not plan from here, intsructor said I'm good at our resort till tmr so that saves me some baht, probably watch the fire show again tonight, favorite part of the island. Lotus Bar, live music and crazy fire swining Thai. Watched a movie about sharks today and it said soda pop machines kill more people than sharks do each year. 100 are killed by sharks, I can only guess soda pop machines get at LEAST 4 to 5000 each year. Movie was basically how everyone hates sharks, nobody there to protect them, have been here longer than dinosaurs...which I love...and 15 000 were killed while I watched the movie about shark killing. They say if the shark goes, it will reduce the amout of oxygen we have because sharks kill something in the ocean that makes oxygen. website is  savingsharks.com and the movie is called sharkwater. Crazy. Missed people at home the most since I've been gone today, not sure why. Need to start looking for English teaching jobs. Working on my tan. I have read like 4 pages in my book so that needs to change. Top 10 beach in the world is very close by so I'm going to make a day trip doing that in the next few days. Tried getting pictures taken for my scuba certificate....took seriously 10 pictues...all of them have my severe lazy eye in them closes, all eyes closed or one that I'm really trying to keep open and makes me look like I belong on an island full of people of my ilk. Going to try and watch the seson finale of How I Met Your Mother now, internet is slow so we'll see. Posting pictures of Facebook soon.

Oh and I forgot to bring Q-tips. Big mistake....big mistake. So if you have Q-tips in your house right now, considered yourself more fortunate then some.

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  1. Loving the updates Bert! As promised, we are not having ANY fun without you. Miss you tons.


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