Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 10

Finally its the weekend, I can finally relax. The other day I went to Yoga in the morning where I sweat like an obese man waiting in line at a taco stand in Mexico then at night I had never seen the movie The Beach, so there are a bunch of bars on the water that play movies so I watched my first one that night, pretty cool and funny movie. I understand it is sort of douchey to watch a movie about Thailand while in Thailand but it made me feel good and gave me something to do. So Yoga and a movie took up a huge part of my day, not sure how I found the time but had some drinks after then went to bed. Yesterday I spent some serious time on the beach, not satisfied with my tan so far so I rented one of those 1 person man beds that float, it was great. I'd swim out, close my eyes and let the waves bring me to shore. Biggest problem of the day: not falling off man boat. Put sunscreen on twice but still managed to get burned. Had a great supper the night before, shrimp on a skewer with bbq pineapple and peppers so had that again but with beef this time. Very good. Supper and view.

Met a Canadian girl and 2 American girls on the beach, made tentative plans to meet up but didn't end up seeing them so that wasn't ideal. I find I'm having trouble just randomly meeting/going up to people and making them be my friend. I'm fine once I have a group, the problem is infiltrating that group. Seems like a lot of people are with their own little crew. So if i could just gain like 5 friends overnight that would be great then it would be perfect. But I'm not really going up to groups or people so I can't really complain. Keep doing what you've always done you're going to get what you've always got. Met some guys, told me they were in a band, classic line, called DAS Awesome, not sure how to spell the DAS, they were British. Oh, I found out I don't love darts. I was playing last night being like ya darts, grab a beer, throw some darts, people do it...not as easy as I thought, I blame the crosswind. And they have this game that is hard to describe so I will take a video of it and post it, just easier that way. Anyway, nothing crazy going on, liking Koh Tao, not sure I will leave anytime soon, don't want to leave just for the sake of leaving. Hot and sunny everyday, getting better sleep now that I have my own room, $12 a day. I find I've become crazy cheap like anything under $100 baht is good, anything over 500 is OUTRAGEOUS as Rose Mary would say. This is probably enough for today, things are good, need more friends but just need to put more effort in. Might watch UFC tmr morning, maybe game 7 of lighting game tonight.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting, Bert. I'm glad to read you're doing (hot) yoga on the beach - sounds divine!
    Don't worry about the friends thing. You're a lovely, worthwhile person: it should work out just fine. (Listen to your big sister!)
    Love ya!!!!!!!


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