Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scuba diving

1-Always nice out. The thought of rain or cold weather is a joke.
2-Scuba diving is something. I honestly struggled at it at first. I'm mildly claustrophobic and learning to breath in a new way underwater wasn't the easiest. It got better but for a second I thought I don't think I can do this for 3 dives.
3-Passed my diving exam today...I think everyone does...they basically let you talk to the other people in the group
4-I've seen a fire show the last 3 nights and I just don't get tired of it
5-My friends left today but apparently Ben and Tom from the bus ride from Bangkok are around and Scott's friend Liam is here so I might grab a drink or 3 with him
6-Going scuba diving in about an hour, water is crazy clear, instructor is a good guy

Favorite parts so far:
Not working. Not having to do anything. Not worrying about rain, snow, ice. The heat. Nobody is in a bad mood. Meet some intense people that love traveling and don't want to go home. Nobody does. When someone says oh we head back tomorrow, I actually feel sad for them.
Less favorite parts:
some days not being around cool people. Not seeing people you like and have been friends with for a while. Not sleeping 7-8 hours. Not being able to speak Thai hasn't been that bad but would definitly help.

People say doing this might change you so I really monitor how I feel and my outlook and I think at some point on the bus from Bangkok I think  I just realized I don't have a huge interest is going back home in the near future. I'd like to make this last as long as possible and if you just don't let leaving be an option, I think you can find a way to stay. Facebook and Skype make it easier and having almost everyone speak English is a huge help.

Picture outside a little bar
Hav eway  pictures will try and post them soon but no complaints. LG.

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